Alternative Discipline for Employees

In many public service agencies, when an employee receives discipline, they are punished by being suspended without pay for a specific amount of time. The problem with this type of disciplinary process occurs when employees can become bitter, resentful, and nonproductive for the remaining years of their employment with their agency.

Dychelon instructors are experts in alternative discipline policies and training such as Education-Based Discipline which is used by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department which has had over 2300 public service employees utilize the program. Disciplined employees completing the training have included: all ranks of sworn and civilian law enforcement members, fire department personnel, social workers, psychologists, district attorneys, doctors, nurses, and city staff members. Approximately 60 public service agencies are known to utilize this alternative discipline program.

The intent of an alternative discipline program is to offer employees training which relates to their specific policy violation while providing effective decision-making training to help employees make better decisions in the future. Dychelon intends for disciplined employees of any organization to remain viable employees after going through the discipline process. Employee retention is key for our organizations and an ineffective disciplinary process will affect retention for most agencies.