Why Study Teams

Why Study Teams?

Knowing Your People Gives You Tools for Success
You are a supervisor that needs to improve the performance of your team. There are a number of ways to improve team performance and you are at the helm to choose a path for your team. Better performance leads to increased sales, productivity, profit, and recognition.

Manager versus Leader

Manager versus Leader

Not Everyone is a Leader, but Everyone can be a Good Manager
A couple of weeks ago, I was involved in teaching a group of sixty new supervisors with my Department. The experience level and ages varied greatly within the group. Most of the group were Generation X with the balance being Millennials. The expectation for these new supervisors to lead is very real.

Team Builder Questions

Purposeful Onboarding and Culture Building
When bringing a new person onto an existing team, there should be a focus of what is expected of the new team member along with how they will fit into the existing team.  We have all experienced the disruption which can occur when a new person is brought in.