The road travelled in the Team Builders series has provided a number of skills needed to improve our teams and organizations. We have learned team building, managing a multigenerational workplace, Motivational Conversation, and problem solving.  With these skills, we can create workforce culture change which can be a daunting task.  This course offers strategies and processes to implement culture change on your team and potentially your organization.

When embarking on this journey of Workforce Culture Change, assure yourself that your intent for the change is rooted in rightness.  That is, the proposed culture change is to make the team, team member, or the organization perform better for genuinely good motives.  The proposed culture change will only take root if it is embraced and practiced by the organization itself.  It has been said for a long time that, “Culture trumps training.”  This unavoidable truth is that organizations must, “practice what it preaches,” when implementing culture change.  This course will give you the tools for change.  The following concepts and questions will be addressed in this course to help you implement culture change:

  • Defining the culture of your team and organization.
  • What are the impacts of culture on the organization?
  • How does emotion shape the culture of a team?
  • Building cultural trust when addressing failure, risk, success, etc.
  • How can I create a culture of engagement with my team?
  • What cultural change needs to take place for my employees to be the best team members possible?
  • The process for ensuring culture change is embraced and lasts.

After watching or listening to the weekly videos, you are provided handouts and worksheets to apply the topics and strategies discussed.  Additionally, your weekly live conversations with Dychelon expert, will help you evaluate the culture of your team and organization.  These conversations will help you analyze the causes and impacts of culture in your workplace.

The skills learned in this course will help assess your organizational culture and provide guidance on how to implement positive change.  This can be a large undertaking, but it is very rewarding at its conclusion.  The feelings of accomplishment are huge while you improve your team and organization in the process.  Let’s start this important process today.

We can help you today.