This course takes you to the next level of creating conversations with your team.  You have learned at this point in the Team Builders series that asking purposeful questions which create dialogue will build team relationships.  Motivational Conversation is a skill that managers must use to move their people along a well-intended path toward improvement.  Motivation Conversation is a powerful tool that is to be used for the benefit of the team, team member, and the organization.  The following concepts and questions will be addressed in this course:

  • How is “Asking” a better approach than “Telling” when trying to improve your team?
  • Understanding the use of intentional questions to move your people along a path of improvement.
  • How do team and individual motives affect team performance?
  • Identify the listening skills needed to build team relationships.
  • Using questions to set expectations for the team and its members.

For each of the seven weeks in the course, you’ll watch a short video which will give you the confidence to use Motivational Conversation with your team.  You are provided handouts and worksheets to apply the topics and strategies discussed. The course work will help you feel confident using the Motivational Conversation process to move your team along a beneficial path of improvement.   Your weekly live conversations with Dychelon expert will help keep you on your journey towards management mastery.  The skills learned in this course are great for your team and the organization.  Learn how to have conversations that motivate your people.  Let’s start today.

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