Building on the strategies and concepts of Course 1, you will learn the complexities of managing a multigenerational workforce.  You’ll understand the traits and qualities that make up each generation that we supervise in the workplace.  For each of the seven weeks of the course, you will watch a short video which will give you the tools needed to bridge the gaps commonly found in multigenerational work settings.  You will continue to have access to weekly live conversations with Dychelon expert. These live discussions are intended to help you develop your multigenerational management skills. The following concepts and questions will be addressed in this course:

  • How diverse is our multigenerational workforce?
  • Understand the causes and self-perception of each generation.
  • How does technology impact each generation?
  • What are the communication preferences of the multigenerational workplace?
  • What are the supervisory preferences of each generation?
  • How do I accomplish team building in a multigenerational work environment?

After watching or listening to the weekly videos, you are provided handouts and worksheets to apply the topics and strategies discussed.  The course work will help you identify causes and self-perceptions of each generation.  It will also give you the tools to team build by being able to connect with your multigenerational workforce and bringing the best out of them.  This is the next step on your path to management mastery.

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