The final course in the Team Builders series will have you combine the skills learned in the previous five courses.  By this point, you are in a position to influence others because you have spent the time asking intentional questions which bridge generational divides and build team member relationships.  You have the capacity to shape team goals and culture by asking the right questions and shaping positive outcomes.  You’ve learned that managing people is a process which can be learned on your road to managerial mastery.

It is time to take the next step which will allow you to excel in presenting information, conducting meetings, setting agendas, and overall, being a great Executive Communicator.  This skill set is directly related to the skills learned in the previous Team Builders series courses.  By doing the work and applying the concepts in the previous courses, you have the solid foundation to be successful at Executive Communication.  When learned and practiced, these skills will make you an invaluable part of your Executive Management Team.  People will seek you out and opportunities will manifest themselves. These are opportunities which will help you progress within your organization. The following concepts and questions will be addressed in this course:

  • Knowing your audience and how to connect with them.
  • What are the commonalities that I can use to relate to my audience?
  • How can I use relevant storytelling to make my message impactful?
  • Using questions when developing agendas to promote thinking by attendees prior to the meeting itself.
  • How can I use questions to redirect a meeting or presentation that is not going as planned?
  • Identify confidence building actions for Executive Communicators.

After watching or listening to the weekly videos, you are provided handouts and worksheets to apply the topics and strategies discussed.  Additionally, your weekly live conversations with Dychelon expert, will help you along your path of becoming an effective speaker.  These weekly discussions will provide direction and guidance throughout the Team Builders series.  Make the commitment today and begin the journey.

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