Dychelon - Course 1

This course allows you to create positive change on your team with 7 easy to use steps.  It is the foundational course of the Team Builders series.  This course will provide you with the tools to begin your path down the road of management mastery.  For each of the seven weeks of the course, you will watch a short video which will give you the tools needed to become a confident and effective supervisor.  You will also have access to weekly live conversations with Dychelon expert.  You can bring your questions about any of the course topics to the conversation and get additional guidance and advice.  The following concepts and questions will be addressed in this course:

  • What is your intent for having a well performing team?
  • How can you use purposeful questions to build team relationships?
  • How do teams handle and solve problems?
  • Creating a plan of action to improve your team’s performance.
  • Evaluating the essential manager skills sets that you have or need.
  • Could this be the best thing I’ve ever done?

After watching or listening to the weekly videos, you are provided handouts and worksheets to apply the topics and strategies discussed.  This is where the real work occurs.  The course work allows you identify areas of improvement for your team and, if needed, yourself.  By the conclusion of the course, if you have put in the work, you will be a better manager and your team will have improved.  Let’s start the journey today.

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