Team Builder Series

The Team Builder Series will help you become the supervisor and manager that you’ve always wanted to be. Too many times qualified people are placed into supervisory roles without having the needed guidance or training to help them do their job. By enrolling in the Team Builder Series, you will have the skills and confidence to be a great manager and leader. Let’s begin the process today.
The Team Builder Series is comprised of three levels of growth and achievement.

  • The Foundational Level will provide you with the needed skills to improve your team while learning to successfully lead a multigenerational workforce.
  • By completing the Intermediate Level, you will have the tools needed to effectively motivate your people while learning the skills of critical thinking and forecasting potential problems.
  • The Advanced Level will guide you along the path of mastery. You will learn how to create and implement culture change on your team and within your organization. You will also learn how to become a highly engaging public speaker for meetings, public events, or internal presentations.

Each level builds upon the next to move you towards management mastery. While Dychelon highly recommends completing all three levels, there is great value in completing the Foundational Level since it will improve your team’s performance and your effectiveness as a leader. There are many of skills, processes, and concepts to be learned and applied with your team. The courses are:


Foundational Level:

Intermediate Level:

Advanced Level:


Each course features 7 modules which are distributed on a weekly schedule. You’ll be able to watch or listen to a short video which is packed with useful information from the fields of organizational leadership, sociology, business, organizational psychology, and Dychelon’s decades worth of experience building teams. Worksheets and handouts are provided each week where you will apply the concepts of the course on your team. They are easy to understand and can be used with your team immediately.

This approach allows you time to process and apply each lesson before moving on. You’ll be seeing practical, positive changes in yourself and your team throughout the series! You will also have weekly conversations with the course creator to help you complete your path towards supervisory success. Your journey begins with the opening course, 7 Steps to a Better Team.

We can help you today.