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State and Federal mandates require most employers to provide workplace harassment training on a regular basis. Dychelon is a provider of this required training in the State of California which has rigorous standards for this State and Federal mandate. Dychelon’s approach to providing this mandated training is to have students evaluate the wide variety of occurrences in the workplace which could be identified as workplace harassment, bullying, and sexual harassment. The course is for general and supervisory employees for any organization. Successful completion of the course provides all employees with the confidence to address these potentially volatile and costly incidents.

The need for implicit bias training in our increasingly culturally diverse work settings is incredibly important for the modern workplace. Dychelon instructors have over two decades of building bridges between employers and employees. Dychelon’s expertise also includes building and strengthening bridges between government agencies and the communities that they serve. Take the first step in creating engagement and communication at work and with the communities where we provide vital services.