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Motivational Conversation is a skill that managers must use to move their people along a well-intended path toward improvement.  Motivation Conversation is a powerful tool that is to be used for the benefit of the team, team member, and the organization.  The following concepts and questions will be addressed in the webinar:

  • How is “Asking” a better approach than “Telling” when trying to improve your team?
  • Understanding the use of intentional questions to move your people along a path of improvement.
  • How do team and individual motives affect team performance?
  • Identify the listening skills needed to build team relationships.
  • Using questions to set expectations for the team and its members.

The webinar will help implement the use of the Motivational Conversation process to move your team along a beneficial path of improvement. The skills learned in this course are great for your team and the organization.  Learn how to have conversations that motivate your people.