Al Cobos has decades of team management experience where he has focused on team performance. He addresses team management problems, supervision, generational issues, difficult employees, and ethical conduct of employees.

Manager versus Leader

Manager versus Leader

Not Everyone is a Leader, but Everyone can be a Good Manager
A couple of weeks ago, I was involved in teaching a group of sixty new supervisors with my Department. The experience level and ages varied greatly within the group. Most of the group were Generation X with the balance being Millennials. The expectation for these new supervisors to lead is very real.

Team Builder Questions

Purposeful Onboarding and Culture Building
When bringing a new person onto an existing team, there should be a focus of what is expected of the new team member along with how they will fit into the existing team.  We have all experienced the disruption which can occur when a new person is brought in.


Individual Coaching

Dychelon offers courses for effective team building; becoming a great teacher, trainer, or consultant; organizational change; alternative discipline implementation, and organizational ethics. Personal instruction is offered to those who want individual coaching on how to address any of these issues. An assessment of your unique needs will take place to develop a successful plan to…

Education-Based Discipline

Alternative Discipline for our Employees
Every organization will be placed into the position of disciplining an employee. The prospect of effectively disciplining an employee can have career long impacts. The consequences of disciplining people in the wrong way can cause an employee to become less productive or bitter.

Imagine Productive Meetings

Imagine Productive Meetings

Should the Agenda Pose Questions Instead of Topics?
One of my responsibilities as a Training Bureau Sergeant for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is instructor development. We offer classes to those who want to become better at the craft of instructing adults. Police officers and deputies may not be the easiest set of students to teach, but we owe it to them to provide quality courses and training.

Goals, Questions, and Results

Don’t Get Lost in ALL the Details of Your Vision
Setting goals for a team, organization, or yourself requires a number of questions to be asked. The questions need to be answered as honestly as possible by everyone involved in the process. Honesty is key while trying to be objective about our personal hidden agenda or the hidden agenda of others.